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No one said it be better than Hippocrates: 

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” ~ Hippocrates

We believe that somewhere along the line society lost touch with food and settled instead for food-like substitutes with little to no nutritional value.  In fact, thanks to all the artificial additives and colours and the corporate drive for profit food has become a foreign entity unknown to our bodies. Increasing our susceptibility to lifestyle diseases such as obesity and diabetes just to name a few.

At SassyFig we believe that food should not be engineered in labs by chemists or be over processed.  Instead it should be left in its wholesome state so we can reap nature’s intended benefit. With this in mind, we spend all year sourcing the healthiest ingredients and generating the tastiest flavour combinations with the sole purpose of providing the best wellness superfood products to our clients. After all, what’s better than the gift of health?